Aayog Protect
Specially Processed with Nano Technology
Blocks the Entry of Virus
Protects from Viral Infection
No Side Effects
Aayog Protect

Aayog Protect

Your Guard against virus

Give your family the protection of Advanced Nano-Technology Formula that protects against virus

The changing behavior of the virus has led to havoc across the globe. Everyone is hoping to find a solution for the current pandemic.

WHO has given various treatment guidelines to combat this virus, but still the situation is not under control.

A breakthrough in this, is the discovery of the use of modern Technology in finding the solution to the global threat.

For the protection from the virus, Kepler presents AAYOG PROTECT – a guard against Virus.

Need for Protection

In the current situation, protection is inevitable. Everybody is looking for PROTECTION from viruses because nobody wants to get infected & fall in a life-threatening situation.

Aayog Protect

AAYOG Protect is specially processed with Nano Technology. By creating synergies between various essential oils, Nano science enhances effectiveness of the formulation.

  • AAYOG Protect works like a security guard; makes it more difficult for intruders (i.e. virus) to enter into the body.
  • AAYOG Protect is for the protection from the virus & to prevent the recurrence of infection.


  • 10 ml 2 times a day on an empty stomach

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