For the managment of the current pandemic

For the managment of current pandemic.

For the protection from the virus and to prevent the recurrence of infection.

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AAYOG Advance

Specially processed with Quantum Technology

AAYOG Advance is the power of 21 essential oils

Patented Quantum technology makes particle size of AAYOG Advance 100 times smaller than the size of the virus.

So, it can easily penetrate into the cell membrane and break the virus.

AAYOG Advance is potent viral load reducer.

  • Prevents penetration & replication of virus
  • Induces viral burst
  • Stimulates innate immunity

100% Recovery (* as per clinical trial)

Result where promising with 100% recovery without any side effects, no known drug to drug interaction and no toxicity.

AAYOG Protect


Protection is crucial for high risk professions like doctors, nurses, paramedics, police force and all other who come in contact with COVID patients.

AAYOG Protect stops penetration and replication of virus, protects immune cell & stimulates immunity.