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August 1, 2015

In India
50% per cent of Indian children suffer from malnutrition
23% children coming under obesity
So supplementation is the need of growing MOKTEL SYRUP

So, MOKTEL syrup is the blend of 33 essential nutrients for growing MOKTEL SYRUP. MOKTEL SYRUP is the brand of all essential multivitamin, Multimineral, amino acids with added advantage of lycopene and Taurine.

Vitamins & minerals

• Improves immunity; reduce the risk of infections
• Builds strong bones, teeth and muscle
• Helps in visual and brain development
• Improves metabolism; helps reduce fat / obesity
• Increase IQ level & non-verbal intelligence

Amino Acids:

• Building blocks of body, improve muscle strength, increase activeness
• Improve immunity


• Appetite stimulant
• Improve immunity
• Reduce the risk of pneumonia and asthma
• Improve muscle strength

TAURINE: for better memory

Better bone growth
Physical Development

Dosage: 2 tea spoonful once a day or as directed by physician