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August 1, 2015

Category: Nutritional supplements
Health is much more than absence of disease. Decreased immunity, sedentary like style, stress, unhealthy diet , oxidative stress leads to poor health, decrease quality of life and sense of well-being.

MOKTEL tablet is powerful combination of 23 vital nutrients. It contains all essential vitamins, minerals with Antioxidants with benefits of Vitamin D3 and Methylcobalamin.

MOKTEL helps to build immunity, fights oxidative stress and improve quality of life.
MOKTEL is co prescribed in
• General Debility – Loss of strength and weakness
• Co Rx in anemia/antibiotics
• Fatigue – Tiredness Exhaustion, malaise
• Post Infection recovery
• Comorbidity conditions
• In Diabetes, hypertension
• Post-operative recovery
• Convalescence

Dosage: 1 tablet daily or as directed by the Physician

Researchers have identified pre-pregnancy to infancy; a critical time for the mother’s health as well as child’s physical & mental development and lifelong health
Women who are poorly nourished throughout their lives are at greater risk of complications during pregnancy and death during childbirth.
So, for healthy pregnancy and healthy motherhood, supplementation of MOKTEL tablet is mandatory.

Meet increased nutrition demand
Provide needed energy
Reduce risk of birth defects and pregnancy complications
Supply needed nutrient for baby’s growth
Ensure healthy birth weight
Maintain healthy weight

Dosage: 1 tablet periconceptually till 6 months post delivery