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February 13, 2019

Need of ONAGERS Gel – Vaginal Firming and Rejuvenating Gel

Poor Vaginal Health:

  • Dryness
  • Laxity (Looseness)
  • Bad odour
  • Inflammation & Irritation
  • Pain during intercourse

It affects Women at different stages of Life:

  • Post- Delivery
  • Perimanopause
  • Menopause


ONAGERS GEL restores a youthful firmness to the vaginal walls to bring back tightness & a youthful feeling.

  • Improves mucous membrane health of the vagina & thereby firm up.
  • Provides antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory benefits to keep the intimate area protected & comfortable.
  • Helps to minimize itchiness & inflammation.

Clinically proven & safe ingredients of ONAGERS GEL

Gallnut Extract Helps to tighten vagina, tone up vaginal wall & reverses the loss of elasticity.


Witch Hazel Extract Constricts Vaginal epithelium and rejuvenates Vaginal tissue


Coleus Oil Helps to prevent the vaginal infection with “Antimicrobial Potential”
Sea Buckthorn Oil Improves the health of mucous membrane of urogenital tract,

also gives soothing effect & prevents vaginal dryness



Improves blood circulation to provide better nourishment to vaginal

wall & also provide soothing effect to skin


APPLICATION – ONAGERS Gel should be used as prescribed by doctor.

  • How to Apply
    • Wash hands and Vagina with clean water
    • Take small amount of gel (about pea sized) on fingertips
  • Where to apply
    • Apply the gel on the inner walls of vagina by inserting it gently into the vaginal opening.
    • Gently massage the gel onto the walls of vagina.
  • When to apply
    • 2 times a day;
      • Morning after bath
      • Night before sleep or 20 min before intercourse



This Gel is not suitable for;

  • Pregnant women
  • Use during menstruation period
  • Women with skin allergies or vaginal infection
  • Women who are diagnosed or infected with sexually transmitted diseases



Q: My skin is sensitive. Can I use ONAGERS GEL?

A: Yes, you can. But before that you should perform a patch test by applying a small quantity of ONAGERS GEL on the inside of your forearm on the skin. Check for any signs of an allergy, such as skin irritation, reddening or rashes, if there is no sign you can use ONAGERS GEL. If yes, use of ONAGERS GEL is not recommended.

Q: Can I use ONAGERS GEL after giving birth/delivery?

A: Yes, you can use ONAGERS GEL after childbirth when you are sure that bleeding after childbirth has stopped. It is advisable to use ONAGERS GEL post one month of delivery.

Q: Can I use ONAGERS GEL during menstruation?

A: No, ONAGERS GEL is not recommended to be used during menstruation. Ideally stop using it one day prior to menstruation date and start using it again 24 hours later the menstruation ends.

Q: Can I use ONAGERS GEL during pregnancy?

A: No, ONAGERS GEL is not recommended to be used during pregnancy. As soon as you notice that you are pregnant, you should stop using it. You can continue to use again after one month of delivery.

Q: Will vagina become loose again if women stop using ONAGERS Gel?

A: ONAGERS gel should be used twice daily for result. Once you achieve the desired result, it is advisable to reduce the frequency to thrice in a week to maintain the tightness.

Please consult your doctor before taking it. Always tell your doctor if you are taking any other medicines or if you are hypersensitive to any of the active ingredients.

For External Use Only

Store at or below 25°C in a dry place. Protect from light, heat & moisture.