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Kepler symbolizes QUALITY. Kepler is India’s Most Emerging & Fastest Growing Pharmaceutical Company.

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Quality & Innovation


We believe in developing & delivering Innovative Products with Finest Quality that matches with International Standards.

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Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise


Collaborative Spirit

Kepler believes in developing true partnerships. We foster a collegial environment, where individual perspectives and honest dialogue is respected.

Expert Thinking

Kepler brings robust skills and forward looking perspectives to solve Healthcare challenges. We use modern technique & proven knowledge to provide expert guidance to our employees.

Power of Partnerships

Kepler believes in the power of partnerships. We work collaboratively with patients, doctors, retailers & whole sellers. Our focus on end consumers- patients, tightens this collaboration as we are together working towards the same goal.

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Teamwork and Commitment

We believe in making our products reach to each and every corner of India. Thus improving Quality of life of our each fellow Countrymen.


Health is much more than absence of disease. Decreased immunity, sedentary like style, stress, unhealthy diet, oxidative stress leads to poor health, decrease quality of life and sense of well-being.

MOKTEL tablet is powerful combination of 22 vital nutrients. It contains essential vitamins, minerals, Antioxidants with Vitamin D3 advantage.


Early childhood is an important and critical stage of child’s life. Proper nutrition is essential for proper physical development, mental development and immunity.

MOKTEL DROP is the comprehensive formula of 24 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements with DHA & Vitamin D3 advantage. DHA is mandatory for brain development, eye development & cognitive development.  MOKTEL drops also promotes physical growth, improved immunity, better bone & teeth and improves lifelong health.


For Growing Children and in adults where people cannot take tablet/capsules, MOKTEL syrup is ideal nutritional supplementation

MOKTEL SYRUP is the blend of 33 essential nutrients. MOKTEL SYRUP is the brand of all essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids with added advantage of Lycopene and Taurine.

Latest News:

Our active participation in Medical conferences.



We put great impact on medical fraternity by innovative participation in various conferences.


Budget Meeting cum Leadership development program for Second line and above managers


Welcome Baby Girl Campaign

An initiative to motivate Mother & her family on the birth of a BABY GIRL